February Challenge

super bowl

In honor of Super Bowl 50 (though neither of our teams made it this year) this month’s challenge will be healthy snacks/appetizers!  Working late, after work commitments and social engagements often lead to not having time to prep for and fix healthy dinners.  Rather than turning to processed food, unhealthy take out, etc. why not create a dinner of “small plates” – healthy snacks, appetizers and smaller portions!

Go Team!!!


This will curry favor with friends and family

No, not this Curry!


But THIS curry dish will score points at the dinner table!  I wasn’t sure if I would like curry, but reading the recipe I enjoy all the ingredients so I thought I’d give it a try!!  So glad I did!!  The flavors were so tasty!!  I substituted brown rice for the basmati as that is what I had on hand!

The Best Vegetable Curry Ever


What’s New?

So, the ingredients aren’t new nor is the recipe new, but what is new is me cooking!!  I fell off the healthy cooking wagon, well every wagon – exercising, cooking, FitBit walking, trying new recipes, decluttering, everything!  But no more laziness, no more excuses – I’m climbing back on the wagons one step at a time!

I hadn’t made this recipe in awhile, but I needed something to be able to take to work and I had some orzo and just picked up some spinach!

Italian Orzo Spinach Soup (link to recipe follows)


Italian Orzo Spinach Soup



I’ve been reading about the health benefits of turmeric:  Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cancer blocker, etc.  While the spice is in my cupboard I’ve not had too many reasons to use it.  But with this month’s NEW challenge it seemed the perfect time to find some recipes that take advantage of this healthy spice!!

One great start is adding turmeric to things I already love – butternut squash and smoked paprika!!!  YUM!!



We’re Back!!


Like most things, life got in the way of our blogging, even though we were still eating healthy.  Well, ok, confession time: one of us was doing well (until the holidays!) and the other…..let’s just say while one of us may still have 20 lbs to lose the other (not-so-skinnyM) needs to lose closer to 30 lbs!

So, New Year = New Us!  And in keeping with the “newness” of it all…our January Challenge is New to You!  A NEW food you’ve never tried before.  We will also be venturing out one night this month to a NEW restaurant in our fabulous city (recently listed #1 in Zagat’s Top Food Cities of 2015!)