Cauliflower Bread

I LOVE substituting cauliflower as a carb!!  I’ve made a pizza crust with it and frequently make a cheesy garlic bread (see post from June 13, 2015)!  The problem I always have is getting the cauliflower really crispy and to hold its shape.  When I saw THIS picture of cauliflower “bread”, I just had to try it!!



The result…….FAIL


Still can’t get the crispiness or keep the form, BUT it still tastes fantastic!!!  Doesn’t beat the cheesy garlic bread recipe, but probably a little healthier as I always go overboard with the cheesy and the garlic!!

Cauliflower Bread


Roasted RED Pepper Hummus

Now that I’ve found a foolproof recipe for homemade hummus, I rarely ever eat store bought hummus!!  Add Roasted Red Peppers and I’m in love!!  I had a jar in the cupboard that I used rather than roasting my own peppers, but still, this hummus is YUMMO!


Irresistible Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Recipe

Blueberry Muffins

There’s not much in the way of natural blue foods, but blueberries don’t need any competition – they are a tasty blue food!  Not only tasty, but one of the best foods for you!!

These muffins add to the nutritional benefits of blueberries to make them Power Muffins!!  Oats, Greek yogurt and BLUEberries!!  This will make Monday mornings a Great start to the week!!


White Pizza

Ever since I had my first taste of white pizza I found it hard to go back to a traditional red sauce pizza.  Whether it be a pierogi pie, Pizza Joe’s veggie pizza with broccoli and cauliflower or a Mediterranean pizza (minus the olives of course) – I love them all and so do my hips and thighs!!

This WHITE pizza is easy to make at home!!  I skipped making my own pizza dough, but picked up a store-bought mini pizza crust.  Next time I’ll make the dough ahead of time in my breadmaker!


White Cheddar and Red Apples

I’ve been intrigued by the mason jar salads and now that I’m packing lunch for my work week I’ve decided to try them and I have to report…..Success!!

I tried a new salad:  Apple (RED), white cheddar (WHITE), and spinach salad with honey-apple cider vinaigrette.


I took an empty bowl to a local park at lunch time and Voila!


I’ll definitely be making this salad again!  Satisfied my red and white challenge and my taste buds!!

Still working on the blue part of the challenge, not a lot of blue foods out there!!


Once I discovered fresh beets I feel in love!  beets

Roasted or boiled I usually just end up eating them plain, but sometimes I actually use them in a recipe!  One of my all time favorites is beet cake!  Tastes similar to a carrot cake!  But this time I put this beautiful veggie in a salad!

Roasted Beets with goat cheese and walnuts!  Resisting eating the freshly roasted beets plain was worth it!!