What to do with the Rhubarb??

As a kid I hated rhubarb!  My grandma used to make rhubarb pie and strawberry-rhubarb pie and I wouldn’t come within a mile of that stuff!

mr yuk

It wasn’t until I joined a CSA farm and discovered rhubarb in my weekly farm box that I gave it a try.  I like it!! Who knew!?!  Now I’m sorry that I didn’t give grandma’s strawberry-rhubarb pie a chance those many years ago!!!


Not a copycat recipe, but we got fresh rhubarb in our weekly farm basket as well as strawberries, so a crisp was calling!!


I actually made two – one with strawberries and one with strawberries and raspberries (the added raspberries were fantastic!!).  This recipe subs out the white sugar with agave nectar, but there is still some brown sugar in the “crisp” part.




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