Fruit Salad

With a warmer than normal spring and summer just around the bend, you can’t pass up a wonderful fruit salad!!  This one is easy to put together and if summer had a taste, it would taste like this!!



Detox Salad

I had no idea that artichokes were one of the best foods for detoxing the liver!!

Will keep this recipe on hand for the day after “sure I’ll have one more”!

Mine is missing the lemon zest and the parsley, so it looks rather washed out, but it was easy to make and tasty!  Follow it up with the recommended daily intake of 8 glasses of water and I’ll be as good as new!


Mother’s Day Salads!

Mother’s Day – a day to honor mothers, to spend time with loved ones, sharing stories, laughter and love.

To honor the day, we had a brunch and celebrated many mothers: my mother, grandmother, aunt and a family friend!!  Among the ham, quiche, potatoes, carrots, garlic knots and deviled eggs I brought two salads.

A chopped salad with chickpeas!  The smoked paprika makes this salad!!


5 Minute Chopped Chickpea Salad

and a Quinoa Avocado Power Salad!  Love avocados!!


Happy Mother’s Day!!