I cleaned out my pantry and found 4!, yes 4! boxes of lasagna noodles.   It’s not even like I found a great grocery store deal, as they are 4 different brands!!


Apparently, I was planning for a lasagna party??  An Italian wake?

So while I know this deviates from the Pie theme this month, I just had to share this veggie lasagna.  I tried it on my unsuspecting house guests to rave reviews and requests for take-away a/k/a to-go containers (thank goodness, because thatza lotza lasagna!)!!


Easy Vegetable Lasagna Recipe


Banana Cream Pie

banana pie

I absolutely love Banana Cream Pie and it has to be the easiest pie to make. Start with your graham cracker crumbs, a little splenda and melted butter to make your crust. Bake in oven for 12-15 minutes until rich golden brown. Let cool completely.

While cooling, make your banana cream pudding. I will admit, i took the easy way out and followed the box recipe on Jello Banana Cream pudding. I figured I was making the crust from scratch, I need not make the pudding from scratch…and well, I was on a bit of a time schedule. I needed to get it in the fridge before having dinner with SkinnyM.

banana base

Once the crust shell is cooled completely, slice 2 bananas into 1/2 inch thick rounds and place on crust. Pour pudding mixture over pie and cover with plastic wrap (be sure to lay plastic wrap on the pudding, resting ON the pudding, not allowing air to hit to come between. the air with cause a film over the pudding) Serve with a few reserved pieces of banana on top.

banana pie

Taco Pie

taco pie     For my second Pie Challenge recipe, I made a TACO PIE. I love a good taco but they are soo messy and crumble… so my tacos typically end up in a mess on my place. So why not start off in a open place.

Starting with a mixture of browned ground beef and black beans, cooked in a skillet with chili powder, cumin, garlic salt, onion salt, paprika, and smoked paprika.


Pour mixture in a pie pan set with a crescent roll stretched covering the base.


Bake in oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Once crust begins to golden, add cheddar cheese to the top and return to the oven for 5 minutes until the cheese is melted.

taco pie

Dress with your favorite taco toppings.. I choose diced onions, shredded lettuce and chopped tomatoes.. served with a dollop or sour cream..



1 lb lean ground bean – browned

1 can reduced sodium black beans- rinsed and drained

1tsp-1T of all spices. mix and match for your favorite combination of heat and spice

1 tube Pillsbury Crescent roll sheet

1 cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese

1 cup shredded lettuce

1 small diced onion

1 diced plum tomato

Sour cream, avocado and salsa can all be toppers!



Pie for breakfast?!?!  When it’s a quiche, why yes!!  This is a crustless quiche and super easy!!


The recipe is a spinach mushroom and feta crustless quiche (see link below) but I went out of my comfort zone of following the recipe to the letter and I actually made some substitutes.  I know, I know this is HUGE!!  I don’t even know who I am anymore!!

Spinach Mushroom and Feta Crustless Quiche

I didn’t have frozen spinach so I subbed in fresh chopped spinach.


I know, not a big deal, but wait…..I also didn’t have baby bella mushrooms so I subbed in chopped red bell pepper!!!  WOAH!!!

red bell baby bella2

What a tasty and healthy start to the day!!



My second pie is a vegetarian shepherd’s pie!  This is made with lentils and topped with mashed sweet potatoes!





Carblover joined me to taste test it – and it got four thumbs up!


Here’s the recipe

Lentil & Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

Check out Carblover’s post to see what she brought for dessert!!! It was a “bunch” of yumminess!

We also had a craft night and painted these rocks with positive affirmations!

IMG_2086 IMG_2088

As a Random Act of Kindness we will be leaving them on our walks around our neighborhoods and trails to brighten someone else’s day!!



My first slice into the Pie Challenge is a Sweet Corn and Zucchini Pie

IMG_2063 IMG_2066






I didn’t have mushrooms, so those were omitted and I also didn’t have enough mozzarella so I used some smoked gruyere – YUM!  This probably wasn’t the healthiest of savory pies, as there was quite a bit of butter and CHEESE, but it still claimed to be only 250 calories per serving!



Month 3 – Pie- Pi. Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie


Our love for buffalo chicken anything is ridiculous at times. So when SkinnyM threw out the Pie/Pi challenge… I knew I was going to try this. Chicken Pot Pie – Buffalo style.

I started by throwing 2 chicken breasts and 3 large potatoes, cut into bite size pieces into the crockpot. I added  1 cup each of buffalo sauce, greek yogurt and reduced fat ranch dressing. Cooked for 3 hours on high.  Mixed in 2 cups of frozen carrots and peas vegetable medley and 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese and cooked another 20-30 minutes, until I was sure they were heated through and the cheese was melted.


I transferred the mixture to a baking dish, and covered with Reduced fat Crescent rolls, unrolled.

buf chick2

baked in oven at 350 for 20-25 minutes until crust was browned.


All in all i think this was a success. Next time I think I will add diced celery as well.